Find out how to prepare every cut, joint and offal from Scotch Beef PGI. Take a closer look at the origin of the product in terms of where you can find it on the animal, what it can be used for and how best to break down the whole carcass to get it. Scotch Beef PGI is whole chain assured beef from Scotland.

In a nutshell, Scotch Beef PGI is from specific animals that are sourced from selected Scottish farms, adopting best practice which includes animal welfare and natural production methods. PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. It’s an EU scheme to protect and promote high quality traditional and regional food products unique to a geographic area. Scotch Beef has long held this coveted PGI status.

When you see the Scotch Beef PGI logo, you can be confident that the beef was born, reared and processed in Scotland and held whole life quality assurance.