The world is facing an unprecedented challenge. The coronavirus, a new illness which has spread at an alarming speed since it emerged in December 2019, has taken society by storm, forcing us to make big changes in the way we live. 

While many industries have been affected, Coronavirus has sent the UK hospitality sector is in turmoil - especially so since the government-ordered closure of all restaurants and bars across the country on Friday 20/03/2020.

What impact will the coronavirus have on the UK hospitality industry?

While the full impact the coronavirus is set to have on the hospitality industry and on wider society is unknown, with all of the restaurants across the UK having closed their doors - even with financial guarantees made by the government to ensure that businesses can keep paying their staff - how long they can remain afloat is unknown.

What are restaurants doing in the face of the coronavirus?

Many restaurants have started offering delivery services in lieu of their usual offering, to bring food to people's homes, whether they are in self-isolation or simply following guidance to only leave the house if absolutely necessary. To enable this, the government has relaxed its rules with regards to delivery licenses. 

What can you do to help restaurants overcome the impact of the coronavirus on the industry?

Industry representative and charitable body Hospitality Action has launched an initiative aiming to raise funds for professionals in need - aiming to build what it calls "a significant fund" allowing it to make one-off awards to eligible workers facing hardship. 

Follow this link if you'd like to donate.