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The Staff Canteen inaugural product feature focuses on equipment and technology that will drive your kitchen into the future.

The products below feature smart technology that can help your kitchen to save time, minimise down time on equipment, help monitor food waste and help to make the chefs work easier!

Do you work in a large kitchen that prepares a lot of food in advance? If the answer is yes, this is for you. 


Winnow develops technology used by over +1,000 kitchens globally to significantly cut food waste in their operations.

Winnow's digital tools are an integral part of the new smart kitchen. Group operators in contract catering, hotel chains, and restaurant groups benefit from using Winnow as the insight highlights where waste occurs in production.

Kitchens that use Winnow tend to see a 40-70% reduction in food waste within a year with food cost savings in the range of 3%-8%. Winnow saves the kitchen money while reducing the environmental footprint.

You can learn more about the smart kitchen by downloading our free eBook: 14 tips to increase your kitchen’s profit.

Alternatively, if you wish to speak directly with the Winnow team, please contact Emily Comyn: [email protected]


Winterhalter has more experience than most with connectivity – its Connected Wash technology was amongst the first on the market. 

The latest version makes it easier to connect to the internet and overcomes the issues that some earlier systems had with maintaining the connection. 

What can Connected Wash do for you?  Lower running costs, minimise machine downtime, improve efficiency – and even boost staff morale.  Plus it can deliver a 100% first time fix rate if something goes wrong. 

Connected Wash allows users to remotely monitor the operation of their Winterhalter dishwashers, glasswashers and utensil washers, and to send software updates.  It also alerts staff, via email or text, if something is wrong – from rinse aid running out to a potential component failure.  With major problems, it means maintenance engineers are forewarned and can come and sort them before the machine breaks down.  They’ll know exactly what spare parts to bring, because Connected Wash will have told them, so they can fix it first time. 

Connected Wash will tell managers about potential running cost savings.  For example, if staff come in and regularly turn the machine on first thing, but don’t use it for a couple of hours, if will highlight this and suggest they leave it turned off until it’s required, thus saving energy.  Alternatively, Winterhalter or the site’s service provider can activate the automatic start up function.

How does it boost staff morale?  By avoiding the chaos, tantrums and stress that a broken down warewasher inevitably brings! 

Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance.  Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. 

For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email [email protected].


The Ovention Matchbox is an oven unlike any other.

Speed cooking without the use of microwaves, this unique cooking platform gives control over the time, temperature and independent top and bottom blower settings, enabling food to be cooked quickly and to the highest quality time after time without the need for extraction.

Matchbox 360 low res
Matchbox 360

The oven can hold up to 1000 menu settings, and at the touch of the keypad, will automatically load and unload the product once cooked. There are two cooking surfaces so a product can be cooking whilst the next is staged and ready to go in once the first product has finished. The USB port makes loading the recipe settings simple.

Ovention gives ultimate temperature control using the Flextemp, allowing you to increase or decrease the cooking temperature by 25c instantly from one cook to the next, allowing total flexibility.

The Ovention range of ovens can bake, grill, roast, broil and fry a wide range of products, from pizza to paninis, steak to salmon, and chips to cookies, reducing the amount of equipment needed to fulfil your complete menu.

The unique end cap system minimises hot air escaping making the units energy efficient and with the built in catalysts the oven performs 10 times better than the required UL grease emissions standard, enabling use without costly extraction systems.

Contact: Mike O’Keeffe on 01509 260150  or go to  to see more 


The Catering Cloud

Stop wasting your time with paperwork. You didn’t become a chef for the admin, did you?

From tracking food inventory and storage to monitoring food safety policies. You can easily spend a couple of hours a day pushing paper, filling in forms and record keeping. It slows you down, right?

catering cloud
Catering Cloud 

Time management is critical for the smooth running of restaurants and catering kitchens alike.

This is where Catering Cloud comes in. The kitchen productivity app designed by chefs for chefs.

Because of its easy-to-use and intuitive design, Catering Cloud is the digital opportunity for any chef that is looking to spend more time in the kitchen.

The app tackles the risks of food management by letting you instantly track everything in real time. It allows you to have accurate and up-to-the-minute records. As well as speeding up kitchen productivity, it can virtually eliminate the chance of being fined for improper paperwork and record keeping.

The app’s founder, Sam Owen, chef at the award-winning Salted Orange Food Co. says: “We lose so much food prep time when we have to stop and deal with the paper side of the kitchen, like tracking food inventory and monitoring storage. By putting the information at our fingertips in a simple app, we are saving time and money, and we have really reduced our stress levels.”

Do you want to get started and improve your kitchens’ productivity? Try Catering Cloud for free. Just head over to and sign up!

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Editor 30th November 2018

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