'Mr Chef-Wife is back to being stressed, stretched and over tired and it’s like his 4 months of rest never happened'

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Well that was that! 

“So if that’s lockdown we’ve had it” is what my grandparents would say. 

It didn’t take long for life as a chef wife to get back to “normal” and by normal I mean absolute bloody Bedlam.

 Great idea opening up the hospitality industry Bozzer but we still didn’t have schools or nurseries to help out with childcare. As a key worker, I was working the whole way through, but purposely kept the kids at home as Mr chef wife was home (more than he’d ever been) eating more snacks than the kids! 

It’s was quite nice to do a bit of role reversal for those few months and it gave us both the things we craved. For me, it was more time at work and less time running the household, the kids and their schedules. For Mr Chef-Wife it was more time at home, with the kids and helping to run the household. 

We finally got that family time we so desperately wanted, my work life balanced perfectly with quality time spent as a complete unit. We have more family photos from the 4 months of lockdown than I think we have ever had and it was nice to feel what everyone else’s “normal” must feel like; minus being able to eat out, see friends, go to the zoo at the weekend and take the whole family to Sainsbury’s on a Saturday morning...we might get there one day!

Fast forward to now; September. Mr Chef-Wife is back to being stressed, stretched and over tired and it’s like his 4 months of rest never happened. 

It appears that those who have not been infected or affected personally by Covid have developed some kind of awful behaviour disorder. This disorder causes sufferers to lose the ability to be patient, understanding, realistic and forgiving. This seems to be a pandemic all in itself! 

Just what is it about a hotel foyer that turns the British public into self-absorbed knobheads!? 

Everyone seems to have checked in for their stay with very specific dietary requirements and the inability to tell the time. What is so difficult to grasp about the staff staggering breakfast times and the reason why!? 

My dears, if you’ve been given the time of 7:30 for breakfast don’t turn up at 9 and get all shouty because you can’t get a table, if you do get a table don’t moan about having to wait. Have you ever cooked and plated breakfast for over 100 people!?

I did two lots of scrambled eggs and bacon today and a bacon sandwich; I broke out in a panic sweat! The Internet has even created memes about no longer having the luxury of a buffet breakfast (or 7).

The stories from Mr Chef-Wife get better each day. My personal favourite was when a guest referred to the staff, who were trying to keep their distance and keep the guests safe as being in “Covid-mode.”  Not entirely sure there’s another “mode” we need to be in right now. Let’s be honest, hotels are a great place for a virus to spread itself if it gets in.

On a lighter note, despite missing our family time I’m bloody loving cheaper food shops again, watching Real Housewives of every city (I’m not fussy) without hearing any complaining and not piling on weight eating chefs latest batch of bread (he perfected bread and I couldn’t resist it - thank goodness for neighbours willing to help me out by accepting gifts of fresh sourdough and focaccia!).

I have very quickly gone back to my role as family PA,servant,cleaner,snack provider and laundrette. My ability to be a councillor,therapist and voice of reason is needed again (lucky for him I don’t charge for the service) and at the drop of a hat normal service resumes in our household. 

The week beginning the 15th September is the week that all of the children will finally be back in their school/preschool routines. And I might just get some time to just sit in silence and drink that brew without having to reheat it in the microwave first.

Much love, Mrs Chef-Wife 

In these challenging times…

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The Staff Canteen

Editor 7th September 2020

'Mr Chef-Wife is back to being stressed, stretched and over tired and it’s like his 4 months of rest never happened'