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RATIONAL cooking systems deliver a commercial kitchen’s complete thermal cooking solutions. They replace a large range of cooking appliances and replicate a range of cooking processes while saving space and reducing cooking times and energy consumption. The new iCombi Pro combi-steamer and the new iVario Pro multifunctional cooking system contribute significant advances in productivity, efficiency and ease of use on their predecessors. With the new iCombi Pro, RATIONAL redesigned the combi steamer from the ground up, incorporating a range of innovations that deliver up to 50% higher productivity while reducing cooking times and energy consumption by up to 10% compared to its predecessor. Similarly, the new iVario Pro refines the original VarioCookingCenter to deliver up to 20% additional searing capacity and maintenance-free pressure cooking that is up to 35% faster than cooking without pressure, while reducing connected load compared to the previous version. RATIONAL Live online events are an easy way to discover the quality, range of applications, economic efficiency and ease of operations that RATIONAL cooking systems can offer. A RATIONAL expert host will be on hand to answer questions live in a chat room.




At Major, we take our position as a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality stocks, sauces and gravies, seriously. Our industry knowledge, continued investment in innovation and commitment to NPD, allows us to offer chefs an ever-growing portfolio of quality products which they can rely on. We go beyond great taste to create food experiences which do good and feel good, for body, mind and planet. Today’s consumer is looking for a culinary experience when eating out – exotic, authentic flavours from far away shores which deliver the aromas and tastes of their travels. Major’s best-in-class products deliver convenience and they are truly versatile in their application, promising on-trend flavours which inspire and deliver a real culinary experience time-after-time. Our devoted culinary team has created authentic flavour profiles which are rich and intense, and which deliver the complex flavours of some of the most popular international cuisines in an easy-to-use format. One product can be used by chefs to create hundreds of recipes – from signature dishes to gastronomic delights – in conjunction with seasonality and provenance of ingredients, to deliver a delicious, varied menu. All whilst being assured of the quality, consistency, taste and flavour of our products.



Compass Group UK & Ireland


Compass Group UK & Ireland is the UK’s leading food and support services provider, with a team of over 45,000 brilliant people delivering the very best food, experiences and services to 6000+ locations across the country. Providing expert catering, cleaning and facilities management services at some of the most amazing venues, across a range of clients and sectors across the country, including iconic sports stadiums and historical sites, world-class music venues, and cutting-edge workplaces. Compass work alongside NHS teams to support patients in their time of need, fuelling the armed forces, and partnering with schools, colleges, and universities, inspiring our future generation through nutritious food and memorable experiences.


Chef Works


Chef Works is the only true global hospitality uniform company manufacturing and distributing uniforms across 90+ countries. As chefs continue to travel our brand reputation for quality design and consistency alongside great customer service travel with them. Our roots are in the kitchen evolving to the Front-of-House with a focus on fit-for-purpose uniforms that are stylish, comfortable and durable with the breadth of range to outfit all hospitality professionals. We love hospitality!






For over 70 years Cleenol has been at the heart of the professional cleaning and hygiene industry, developing and manufacturing effective and efficient solutions from our plant in Banbury, Oxfordshire. As recent hygiene sponsors at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering / International Salon Culinaire show we are a brand trusted by the hospitality industry. From hand soap and personal care, to surface sanitisers and cleaners and degreasers, to mechanical warewash and glasswash; from drain cleaning to laundry solutions, we have a range that brings peace of mind. Supported fully by our engineering team and nationwide network of partner distributors offering the benefits of one stop shopping.





Lightspeed Restaurant is the all-in-one ePOS and payments platform for driven hospitality professionals who want to accelerate revenue growth while providing the best guest experience for UK hospitality professionals. From FOH to BOH, Lightspeed has been streamlining hospitality operations for over 15 years, and is proud to collaborate with The Staff Canteen to provide the British hospitality sector with state of the art technology.

Alaska Seafood


Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a public-private partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry, established to foster economic development. ASMI functions as a brand manager of the Alaska Seafood family of brands in 21 countries. Alaska’s 34,000-mile coastline is home to wild, natural and sustainable seafood such as salmon, pollock, yellowfin sole and black cod which swim free in the icy Pacific Ocean. The freedom to live and swim wild and the fish’s natural diet creates a superior meatier taste and texture without any artificial colouring, preservatives, pesticides, or GMOs. Wild Alaska Seafood is a key source of marine omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) – which are essential for our bodies to promote heart health, suppress inflammatory responses, improve blood flow, and participate in brain function.





MEIKO pursues a policy of working closely with our clients, understanding their warewashing needs and designing the most practical and professional clean solutions.

MEIKO provides a full turnkey solution for everyone’s individual needs.

Consideration of critical areas such as ergonomic working practice, energy and water management, water treatment, the handling and treatment of food waste and the reduction of detergent consumption, ensure that our clients have the optimum warewashing solution that fits within their budget. 

The MEIKO UK team is involved in projects from the initial meeting and submission of project-specific designs, through to system manufacture, installation and on-going service back up. This ensures that our equipment performs efficiently, minimising the risk of breakdown or poor washing performance.



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